Fryštát chateau – a unique cultural monument owned by the Town of Karviná

The Empire-style Fryštát chateau is a unique example of this type of architecture in the region. Even the fact that the chateau still exists is remarkable; Karviná used to have three large aristocratic manor-houses, but two of them were destroyed in the early 20th century, falling victim to the onward march of industrialization. After an extensive restoration and renovation, the chateau was opened to the public in 1997, and since 2003 visitors have also been able to tour another part of the complex – the neighbouring building known as the “Lottyhaus”. Truly the chateau is the jewel in Karviná’s crown, and it attracts more and more visitors every year. Each season visitors can look forward to new features and events enlivening the tours of the beautiful historic interiors.


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