City of Karviná

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Karviná was originally established in 1268. However, the town as we know it today was not created until 1948, when several separate communities were merged to form a single urban area, which took its name from one of the original communities. Today, Karviná is home to around 50,000 people. It is mainly known as a centre of coal mining, but not many people are aware that the local mines existed in a fragile symbiosis with the Darkov spa for more than 150 years.

At one point in history, the spa’s future seemed bleak, and it was expected to close due to the expansion of the local mines. However, more recent developments in Karviná have shown how history sometimes takes a different direction. Coal mining is being scaled down, and many mines have already been closed – so the town is now at a turning-point in its development. The area where you are now standing, formerly dominated by heavy industry, will become the focus of new activities based around tourism. It will be wonderful and impressive – we’ll just have to wait a little before we can enjoy it.

The Darkov spa in Karviná is one of the oldest spa resorts in the whole of Central Europe. It has high-quality iodine-bromine water, which originated in the Tertiary period. Many people may be surprised how green Karviná is. The town and its surrounding area has several unique or rare attractions – and perhaps the most striking of these is the leaning church known locally as “Pisa”, which has become the setting for a popular trilogy of novels. The Fryštát chateau is the only survivor from four former aristocratic residences that were once situated in Karviná, and it is now open to the public for guided tours. A covered walkway links it to the adjacent Church of the Elevation of the Holy Cross – the oldest documented building in the town.

Here is some information for spa guests and all visitors to Karviná – we hope you’ll find it interesting.

Special places in Karviná

The oldest iodine-bromine spa in the Czech Republic

Healing water – a prehistoric ocean

The most leaning church in the Czech Republic

The only one of four local chateaux to have survived

Impressive industrial monuments

A unique landscape shaped by coal mining


Year-round attractions

Fryštát chateau in Karviná – open all year

The historic town centre – guided tours

The chateau park and the Boatyard recreation area

The leaning Church of St. Peter of Alcantara – information boards

Wellness stays at Darkov spa, cryotherapy chamber

Cycle routes – themed, regional

Lipiny Golf Resort / cultural and sporting facilities


Seasonal attractions

Fryštát chateau in Karviná – special events during the main tourist season

Rides through the chateau park in a historic carriage – during the summer vacation period

The leaning church – guided tours from May to October

The Boatyard recreation area – weekend events during the summer, boat hire

The “Karviná Sea” and the water park with toboggans

Open-air events in the town centre


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